what gear do i need and, Where do I get it?

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Beginners do not need to bring their own gear, but participating in historical fencing tournaments outside of our school and full speed sparring requires a high level of safety and we do everything we can to protect our fighters. 

We do not require a full tournament kit to fence at our club during regular classes but you will be required to follow our safety policy and provide your own hard elbows, knees, groin protection and a hoodie or sweatshirt.  

Contact me with any questions you may have about classes or equipment.  brian.artedellabellica@gmail.com



  • A steel feder from an approved vendor.
  • Fencing Mask, rated 350n or better with back of the head protection.
  • Gorget, to protect the throat.
  • Heavy HEMA Gloves.
  • Additional forearm protection is not always required, but still suggested.
  • An athletic cup for men
  • Additional hard breast protection for women is not usually required but suggested.
  • Heavy Fencing jacket, must be 350n or better
  • Hard shin guards
  • Hard knee pads.
  • Hard elbow pads.
  • Closed toe shoes.

Recommended Vendors